Daniel Chadwick

Paul Hasting 100 Bishopsgate

Dan Chadwick 

Gravity, 2018

Polished aluminum, coloured vinyl, bearings, motor, gearbox, spring, timer

Chadwick brilliantly animates the geometric and formalised elements of this piece into a fluid and balletic pas de deux. The artist beautifully choreographs a seamless cannon of movements both unpredictable and compelling. Cutting graceful arcs through space, a succession of slow, soft, lyrical movements yield to faster, more syncopated rhythms, revealing tantalising glimpses of Mondrian red and blue. In perhaps the most magic moment in this abstract dance, the elements fleetingly align themselves to once again reform the sculptures starting pose – Mondrian’s famous square.

The proposal would be to make a large kinetic sculpture, based on Gravity, fixed to the beam in the double height space over the reception, the movement would be tranquil against the back drop of the London skyline.