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Kevin Francis Gray & Verhoeven Twins

Verhoeven Twins

Light Stream

LED, acrylic, springs and electrical components

Joep & Jeroen Verhoeven (b. 1976: live and work in Amsterdam). Verhoeven Twins work combines the fantastic with the practical: it is function and form turned into mystical narrative, where the supple feather-light impressions of dreams become objects that we can see, touch and most importantly use in our every-day lives.

“We respect the old but want the new. We want to challenge, confront the normal, the accepted, the expected. We believe in fusing talented writers, filmmakers, artists, and scientists into a movement that will go beyond ego; that will create a super story teller. As designers we feel not limited to only one category. We work with museums, architecture, furniture and fashion companies, to commercial brands and self-initiated projects. But wherever the starting point is, challenging and beautiful products are always our aim.”

The inspiration was to create an artwork that reflects the energy of people, moving in a city such as London and creating a chandelier that mimics the movement of light captured with a camera using a slow shutter or the movement of a sparkler at night. Using cutting edge technology the assembled over a 100m metres of light using several thousand sandblasted pieces of acrylic, over 1 million components to create Light Stream.



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Kevin Francis Gray

Five Nudes, 2021

Statuario marble

Kevin Francis Gray b. 1972 Northern Ireland, live and works in London and Pietrasanta

Kevin Francis Gray has generated bodies of work which address the complex relationship between abstraction and figuration. At the core of the artist’s practice is an interrogation of the intersection of traditional sculptural techniques and contemporary life. Rather than working towards ideals of beauty or memorial, Gray attends to the psychological effects, often relying on textural surfaces rather than facial or bodily expressions. Furthering Gray’s decade of working with marble, his new work pushes the possibilities of the artist’s sculptural practice into new territories of physical and psychological expression.

Within the five panels it appears a hand has made the marble fluid, drawing abstract nude figures, connecting with the narrative of The Verhoeven’s Light Stream that was inspired by the movement of the hand.

The medium of marble a silent nod to the location of Marble Arch.

Petroc Sesti

Scorpius – Star Cluster III

Messier 80, Constelation Scorpius – Edition 1/3

Black Silk Velvet, Perforated 24 Carat Gold Leaf,

36,781 Voids

Petroc Sesti (1973) is a British artist, born in London where he currently lives and works.

Sesti’s work pushes the boundaries of art and science and goes beyond both, exploring in particular the ever-changing relationships between artwork, the urban environment and the viewer. His passion for science and cosmology fuel his enquiry into how to contain and display moving energy states and notions of the sublime. This manifests in a broad spectrum of mediums, be it through complex mechanical pieces, light based interactive installations or recording the burn marks of gunpowder explosions.

Scorpius is the rectreation of a stellar swarm Messier80, one of the densest of the approximately 150 known globular clusters in the Milky Way galaxy. Located about 28,000 light-years from Earth in the constellation Scorpius, the cluster contains hundreds of thousands of stars that are held together by their mutual gravitational attraction. M80 has an apparent magnitude of 7.9 and was discovered by Charles Messier in 1781.

Petroc drew every star on gold gilded sheet of metal and laser cut every star location to create this mesmersing delicvate artwork located within a square of the polished plaster wall in the reception,.

“the square within a square; this is an ideal location for Scorpius’s pursuit of the infinite” – Petroc Sesti